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Claudia Bignoli: ever-evolving design objecys
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What made you get close to furniture design?
I’ve been dealing with interior design for a long time, by designing custom spaces and furniture in order to create different targeted solutions for my clients. This made me deal with the making-process of such furniture which brought me to enjoy the practical side of design, meaning the identification of the most suitable executive techniques as well as the selection of materials and the elimination of excesses to create the best economical product.

What’s the secret of a successful design product?
That’s a tough question. I would say it’s a combination of elements such as meeting the client’s taste and needs in terms of form and function, as well as creating a smart item in terms of price, ecology and functionality.

How important is for a design item to feature an handcrafted side?
It is not crucial to industrial design, as proved by Verner Panton’s famous polypropylene chair which is an icon for industrial production. On the other hand, handicraft is important for those designers who self-produce pieces of furniture by exploiting both digital techniques (in the creative process) and handmade finishes (for the final product). This proves that even a computer-generated piece can have a soul and be unique.

Which are the major changes you have witnessed in the last 10 years in your field?I’ve noticed a comeback to the past to invent the future. The main change probably involves the making-process: today designers have no longer the chance to interact with many firms, therefore they start creating innovative small businesses.

Which of your products best depicts your philosophy?
First of all, my Yule bookcase, which is a product that always features both custom sizes and custom finishes: it depicts the mix between functionality and emotionality that I always put in my projects.
Among all  I’m a fan of my , because despite its simplicity in terms of lines, it is also dynamic, variable and balanced in terms of form. I like lively, non-monotonous forms.

Which are your favorite materials?
First of all wood, because of its essences, warmth and pliability. Also, PMMA, aka Plexiglas, which is exquisite and shiny.


PHOTO COURTESY: Claudia Bignoli

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