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Ciclope: the enchanting bright eye
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Designers M. Stella Aloia and Orietta Ceccato created Ciclope, a lamp produced for the 2012 Design Week by ILIDE brand, a Made in Italy firm that creates particular pieces of furniture thanks to the collaboration with young designers as well as the employment of quality raw materials. ILIDE is the light design mecca, a source of unlimited ideas and inspirations turned into reality by young designers from each part of Italy. Mythology has been the inspiration for Ciclope lamp collection, aimed at easing the relationship between hand and objects.

Each piece is not made just to be  let on a table: it can be moved, handled and decomposed when the light’s on as well as when it’s off. The employment of a cold LED light makes handling completely possible at any stage, with an additional low energy consumption up to 300 lumens with only 3W. The sinuous-shaped lamp is both practical and refined since it is made of ceramic and Murano glass which is the main element of the Cyclops-eye that spreads the light out. ILIDE has turned a basic object into more than a simple piece of furniture, allowing it to be handled and brought anywhere thanks to its wide color range.
Ciclope: “A new way to see the light” (Cit. M. Stella Aloia)


PHOTO: Courtesy of ILIDE - Italian Light Design

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