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Chilean  supportive light design
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An heart and eye healing light, that’s what Chilean LUM presented at 2013 Euroluce. The project by architect and designer Estefania Johnson has been assembled by Colina di Santiago prison inmates. A sustainable fair-trading product highlighting Chilean local craftsmanship by employing a 100% recyclable material such as copper. LUM is not an actual lamp but a wall paneling as easy to hang as a picture, aimed at transforming interiors by offering a new idea of lighting. Along traditional floor and wall lamps, as well as retro abat-jour, here are these modular copper layers suitable to every wall or ceiling, creating a new sense of interior.

With customizable color, glossiness and shade, as well as a non-oxidizing material, LUM sheets suit even hygiene-obsessed people as they remove 99.6% of bacteria within two hours after . An out-and-out supportive project helping inmates to rehabilitate by giving them the chance to learn a new craft in the panels and lamps production field. South American innovation overtaking tradition at the Design Week.


PHOTO: Courtesy of QStudio

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