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Chic (& cheap): interior design by Sfaro
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When prices rise and everyone struggles to survive economic crisis, the interior design challenges itself to create tiny affordable yet functional apartments to meet the tightest budgets.
It happens in Tel Aviv where citizens prefer to renovate their own houses instead of buying new ones: this interior design project Sfaro is an interesting refurbishment project that turned a studio apartment into an actual apartment.

In order to do that, any but the bearing walls was taken down, and the remaining ones have been exploited as pieces of furniture. This house features a multifunctional cube-case creating four different areas separated by sliding walls that allows any room to be exploited, even by inviting guests over. Access room, living room, kitchen and bedroom available at any time.
A project based on smart interior design decoration solutions mixing wood flooring and optical white stylish furniture as well as exploiting any recess as bookcase, tv case and so on.

100% livable 42 square meters, to feel free even in a tiny space.


PHOTO: Courtesy Sfaro

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