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Casa G: the white land
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White takes over in Rome’s Trastevere district where Carola Vannini designed the renovation of a pretty dark space to turn it into a bright place. The renovation didn’t affect the structure of the property, yet it turned the interior upside down. The kitchen is now connected to the living room, creating a huge open space with white oak flooring, varnished furniture and a proper lighting. The whole space is all about white, with a warm feel added by the employment of a wood-beam ceiling.

The atmosphere is enhanced by the lighting, with LED lights under the living room table as well as in the bathroom, to create a sense of floating-furniture. Further plays of light involve the house storage closets, enriched by plexiglass panels. The bedroom area is also all about white, featuring colorful details and funny cartoon bubbles to liven the place up. A perfect white continuum for a flawless interior.


photo: Courtesy Carola Vannini

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