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Caroline Gomez, when the house becomes a mirror of art
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Caroline Gomez art is essential, minimalist with a strong visual identity. Since 2006 the French designer concretes her art through limited edition craft objects that give her the possibility to emerge in design’s world. An entirely hand-made work affordable only through the web, to whom she is working in a passionate way at her house in Bordeaux where she lives with her husband and her three years old daughter. Her art reflects her sincere and genuine way of living, perfectly reflected in her house furnishings. Her house is a loft recovered from an old restored firm that turns into an L shape open space with the living area in the middle of the room and the kitchen realized as a cube surrounded by glass windows that give the chef the possibility to stay with her/his family while cooking.

This is not pure luxury and untouched spaces but a living area where the designer may combine her two main passions: work and family. What emerges when observing this French designer’s house is the importance of the use of colour where white walls and soft paints predominate. Delicate shades of colour that the artist defines far from pastel paints merge together with vintage Scandinavian furniture of the 50’ and contemporary pieces of art that she creates as lamps, tables, libraries and  chinaware.
This place talks about her through a great harmony of colours and simple shapes but of great impact, without missing that all choices, as it is easier to understand, are made in order to obtain light effects.


Photo: Courtesy Caroline Gomez

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