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Carla Tolomeo begins her first steps in the art’s world in Rome where, thanks to her talent, she is noticed by the great Master De Chirico, who is largely responsible for her artistic formation and growth.
Her restless and multifaceted talent over time is also expressed in sculpture, engraving and writing.
Her paintings works have been exhibited in more than 90 personal exhibitions around the world and today her artworks are present in the most important collections of contemporary European and American art.
In the 1990s, the city of Milan dedicates her a great exhibition at Palazzo Reale. It is precisely in the Lombard capital that the artist begins a new fervent artistic season in which to put to fruition the studies learned over the years.
Since 1997 she has set her love for painting to dedicate herself to a new art form: the chair, becoming the "Lady of the Chairs".

With these creations, real silk, velvets and sequins sculptures, with baroque and seductive shapes, she immediately surprised her collectors, occupying the pages of the most important art and furniture magazines in the world.
Her artistic philosophy consists in a mutation, in a transformation of the chair from a simple object to art, starting from the most banal and domestic element of furnishing.
Strengthened by her experience of life, her studies, and her continuous and never-ending desire to learn new techniques, Carla Tolomeo can turn her chairs into a totem, into something magical that reminds a childhood almost rediscovered, with a pinch of malice whose life has intensely lived it.
Great stylists, architects, interior designers are attracted to her, because her creations are innovative aesthetic expression in a contemporary art scene so predictable.
Missoni opens the doors of its archive, giving her the rarest fabrics to make Sculpture-Chairs, while the art director of the famous French fashion house Hermès invites her to prepare a Christmas event project in the historic displays of Faubourg Saint Honoré.
An artist of such great talent and excellence can not miss in our showroom, where you will be able to admire the "Omaggio a Andy Warhol" sofa, identical to that made famous by the artist himself.

INFO COURTESY: Carla Tolomeo


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