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Car Park House
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Just outside L.A. Anonymous Architects studio designed Car Park House, a villa inspired by garages, where the fever for luxury cars takes over. It was in fact the starting point of the project aimed at creating a spacious garage despite the steep soil. The architects decide to turn things upside down by putting the garage on the roof, above an open space kitchen linked by a staircase. The Porsche is thus more emphasized, looking like the perfect icing on the cake. The building features a sharp architecture with geometrical forms in natural stone and big structural shafts that keep the villa steady despite the usual steepness of L.A’s territory. Each wall has a big window overlooking the city and the hill, respectively overlooked by the living room and the bedroom. 

The decoration is all about optical white which appears from the kitchen to the bathrooms, in an immaculate continuity that creates a perfect contrast between the bright interior and the raw façade. A car-centered place for a car-centered city.


Photo Courtesy Anonymous Architects

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