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Candy table: a symphony between wood, glass and iron
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Art&Legno is a small but great reality that aims to create ecological, innovative and technological furnishings that can surprise not only the ultimate customer but also the simple observer who approaches its products for the first time pleasantly surprised and curious.
Each creation is made exclusively using recycled materials, which are then completed with transparent, water-based wax finishing, thus taking into account the protection of health and respect for the environment.

The care and craftsmanship of wood emphasizes its peculiarity, the beauty of the veins, the warm color, the feeling of pleasantness to the touch and the encompassing sense of well-being and tranquility that only wood can convey. Each element is treated as a true work of art, realized with the passion that distinguishes Italian artisans.
And this is how Candy is born, the coffee table made of glass is the result of the perfect union and symbiosis between materials that are absolutely different from each other: glass, iron and wood.
Each material occupies its place and is exalted: wood makes up the base of creation; iron gives strength to the whole structure; the glass gives cleanliness and rigor of the lines to the whole product.
An artisan combination that has made it possible to create an extremely customizable and sophisticated design product that obviously could not miss at our Spazio TID, the showroom at the edge of Milan (Via Monte Pordoi, 8 in Baranzate) where the very best of contemporary design finds its home!


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