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California ranch by AB Design Studio
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Located on Santa Monica hillside, facing Santa Ynez Mountains, this private residence was built in the Seventies and recently renovated by AB Design Studio. The property features a classic California ranch look, yet the interior is very luxurious: the owners specifically asked for a high-end renovation, to make the house consistent with the high price of the real estate market, which have been rising in the last decades.

The refurbishment was designed by Josh Blumer and Clay Aurell of AB Design studio, whose work consists in property-redevelopment by analyzing the surrounding environment. Therefore the renovation of Foothills Residence was aimed at enhancing and being enhanced by the surrounding landscape through the employment of specific solutions to create a modern yet classic ranch looking result.
The interior is all about creating a link with the exterior, with a huge window-door in the living room overlooking the pool, making a contrasting continuum between the inner fireplace and the outer summery feel. The interior features many types of wood as well as glazed materials, ceramic and glass. The house also features a wine cellar which is an actual stylish part of the decoration. A 650 square meters space that will well-deservedly dominate Santa Barbara.


PHOTO: Courtesy Dana Miller per AB Design Studio

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