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Bell Table: weight revolution
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Can a table be a design item, a sculpture and a conceptual study at the same time? The answer is yes and is proved by Bell Table. Designed by Sebastian Herkner, born in Germany in 1981, and manufactured by ClassiCon, this coffee table challenges the idea of lightness and heaviness by turning upside down the usual disposition of materials.

Bell Table presents a base made out of the fragile material par excellence, glass, supporting a metal top that seems floating above it.

Thanks to the traditional hand-blowing technique, the glass base looks like a transparent sculpture, recalling the curved shape of a bell and pleasantly contrasting the solid surface it holds up.

The range also features a taller and thinner side table: these pieces - created to decorate a domestic interior - represent an out-and-out play of materials, celebrating in four different colors both the beauty of their component and the crucial quality of hand-craftsmanship.

Bell Table is in fact handmade: this, as a result, gives the project a sur value, embodied by the traditional hand-blown bubbles scattered all over the base.

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