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Being single in Singapore
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What makes Singapore the current hub of the world is not only what you can see outside but even what you can witness inside, as proved by this project by local 80’s Studio, which has been providing renovation and interior design solutions for almost 3 years, by closely collaborating with clients in order to fulfill their needs with a unique stylish result. With a particular style that goes beyond design standards, classic yet modern and contemporary, the studio offers custom solutions depicting customer’s personalities and therefore lasting in time. Located on Rivervale Drive, this apartment was created for a single man looking for an open vibrant space to live in.

Firstly the studio has chosen the evergreen two-colored palette of black and white, using white to hide as much as possible, as all the thick aircon trunking which were run across the area and the exposed wirings to allow the space to retain its spacious look, which got further enhanced by the employment of tracklights. Alternating black and white also brought a touch of modernity to the space, livened up by hints of color. The studio made one of the client’s passions, cooking, the core of the project by creating a wide open dining area where to have massive lunches and dinners with friends. If conviviality is the keyword for the dining room, intimacy probably suits the living room, where the parquet flooring creates a warmer atmosphere that also recurs in the master bedroom. The L shape of the bedroom allowed the studio to also create a private studio, giving the tenant the privacy he needs even when guests are at the house. Modern, bright – thanks to the massive natural illumination coming through the big windows – and quite manly, the apartment serves as the perfect example for the pad of a single professional man.


PHOTO COURTESY: The 80’s studio

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