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Beijing Design Week 2017 is on its way
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From September 21 to October 9, the Beijing Design Week is back for its seventh edition.
It is an ever-expanding and ever-growing event not only for the territorial but also for its numerous themes.
Over 500 activities that revolve around the design world, including exhibitions, forums, trade negotiations and salons; more than 150 projects that have been brought to the capital of China by hundreds of designers and design studios from all over the world and nearly 8 million the number of visitors every year decide not to miss this great event.
An edition that has developed ten major sections that showcase the result of interaction between creativity, design and industry. To mention is surely the Guest City section that embodies the true ambition of this event: to build a network where the most important cities of design can interact, create long-term relationships and promote cultural exchanges. This year, Guest City will carry forward the concept of mutual learning, showing the design experiences and achievements of the city and promoting the exchange of experiences and industrial cooperation.

A Design Week that this year joins the concept "Design City, Smart City" with the theme "Design+", promoting the integration between the design industry and other industries, providing intellectual support for urban development and economic transformation in order to explore and create new markets.
Worthy of note also the exhibition "Unity-Nature" inspired by the traditional philosophy of respect for nature and people as an integral part of nature itself. The main object is to show the ancient wisdom, the trend and the future of Chinese design; to explore the inner connection between people and objects, between people and the surrounding environment and among the people themselves; to offer the philosophy of Oriental design to the whole world and contribute to the development of a more sustainable world.
It also analyzes the role of the design industry, trying to reconstruct the true mission of design itself: to create a healthy and harmonious existence between people and nature.
A week with a rich and intense program, a gathering place and interaction between audiences, professionals and businesses: this is the Beijing Design Week!


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