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Attacca Bottone: when coffee becomes design
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Coffee is one of the milestones of Italian lifestyle: from the first sip at breakfast to the coffee break at the office, it’s actually more a tradition than a simple beverage. Design and communication studio Playdesign signed a fun original coffee cup collection aimed at stressing one of the best features of coffee: the social side. Whether you are at the office or eating with your friends at home, chatting is one of the things that always come with sharing a coffee. Attacca Bottone, the limited edition collection by Playdesign, is in fact dedicated to such chatting-up, which has an Italian particular definition: “attaccare bottone”, literally meaning “sewing a button”.

This led Playdesign to hand-sew actual buttons on the ceramic coffee cups, which are not sold separately but only two by two, to enhance the aim of chatting. The aim is also pursued through the instructions for use included in the package, which turn these design cups into an out-and-out social tool. Fun, original and totally self-produced in Italy, Attacca Bottone cups are available in two finishes – white and polished black – each featuring six different-colored buttons. The unique collection is part of the design and art display at the new TID showroom (located at via Monte Pordoi 8, Baranzate, Milan), which serves as the ideal showcase for national and international creativity.


PHOTO COURTESY: Playdesign and Giovanni Alfieri

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