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Arte Luise Kunsthotel, an out-and-out art hotel
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Fifty artists for a 50-room hotel hosted in an historical building dating back to 1823: Arte Luise Kunsthotel turns upside down the standard concept of an hotel by being an out-and-out art gallery. The entrance features sculptures and installations that lead the guests towards the corridors which are enriched by philosophical quotes painted on the walls. Each detail is ultra refined, such as the teak doors and the bamboo parquet flooring.

Each of the 50 rooms will amaze art-lovers, thanks to the work of 50 artists who customized each space with unique patterns, furniture and decorative objects. Fantasy takes over: you can sleep in a safari-themed room with tree trunk night tables and animal-like sculptures, or go back to the German Twenties thanks to Nathalie Daoust’s decoration featuring velvet, brocade, drape and full-size cabaret dancers. There’s also a room dedicated to Marilyn Monroe; a dreamlike one featuring a red varnished horse coming out of the wall; a room dedicated to oil paintings and finally an allegoric room by Patricia Waller, combining all-white and plexiglass objects with the symbolism of the three monkeys. A real world to discover where each room offers a different journey, always combined to professor Wilhelm Schmid philosophical painted quotes (his books can be bought in the hotel’s bookshop), from the hallway to the attic, as well as two displays where guest can find instructions and information.

A charme hotel located in Berlin’s Mitte area, worth 50 visits.


PHOTO: Courtesy of Arte Luise Kunsthotel

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