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Anomalie a limited edition collection signed by the artist designer Gio Minelli
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Giovanni Minelli was born in Bergamo, on the 15 th December 1976. During the studies at Art School in Brera, he attended the industrial design courses together with D. Boriani and Roberto Semprini.
The first projects born during this forming period, they place themselves between art object and industrial design, unique pieces, which will be soon inserted in the circuit of the contemporary art galleries.
He is invited to important exhibitions and presentations of the sector. This process inserts him quickly in the emergent art design brand, calling attention to himself and coming nearer to the emergent Italian design companies.
Furthermore, when he was very young, he created unique pieces and installations for contemporary art events, and was invited, together with other important Italian designers at the project “The Italian design for Unicef”, which was exhibited during the inauguration of the Italian museum of design in Milano (in occasion of the triennial fair). In his works, he united his artistic origins with technologies and researches typical of the industrial design.
Initially the first approach to the project of Gio Minelli is mostly artistic, expressive and gestural, even pictorial.
Only on a second phase he translate everything in a real project. In 2004 he creates a collection of tables, small tables, seating, console, stools realized completely in stainless steel: all these pieces have a character in common: the curved legs, like in twist.
Gio Minelli calls this particular collection: “Anomalie”, is possible to see it in TID Showroom, in Via Pordoi 8 in Baranzate, really close to Milano.

Many things, mixed with each other’s, have guided the choice of the designer in making “anomalous” some common objects, used every day. The designer artist, first of all, from a pure aesthetic side was inspired by the technique of tubular square, so the twisting of square shapes of the really famous canadian architect Frank Gehry renowned for his sculptural approach to projection, renowned also for being the first opener of the Constructivist current, beside the fact he is one of the most influent architect in the world.
In particular Gio Minelli has been inspired at the work the architect has done in Bilbao, when he projected the Guggenheim museum.
For what concern the attention dedicated to the mind and to the heart of the artist designer Gio Minelli, there is a thought nonconformist in the choice to create that particular twist in the legs of all the pieces of the collection Anomalie.
There is an idea of rebellion but mostly of all of liberation and independence, there is a continuous research of a gesture of the object, in this case legs, that try to set themselves free, going up and trying to break through the support plan.
What comes out is a perfect dynamism, charged by elegance and essentiality, and with a simple harmony, Gio Minelli has created a collection really unique.


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