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Aleandro Roncara' and the fantastic planet of Mondorondo
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Aleandro Roncarà is a Tuscan artist with a strong passion for design. He has always drawn, since he was a child, where he liked to fill his classmates' diaries with his comics. Black-striped comics that began filling in color thanks to his daughter Carlotta, the first supporter of his works. From that day, he gave life to his instinct which had been repressed for years, looking inside and finding a series of characters who were there, ready to get up.
The characters that animate Mondorondo, a fantastic world, a vocabulary-free planet, come to life, breathe and they are made of pure color. They are simple and iconic characters that enjoy and rejoice. In Mondorondo everything is fantasy and there is no violence.

The main character of this world is no doubt , a small man with a lot of power and full of nice features, has no expression on his face, and he doesn't like the tie but for law he must wear it. He is the King Blue’s counselor and the Princess Dixie’s best friend, he knows everything about everyone. He is small but has the strength, wisdom and intelligence of one hundred men.
Roncarà outlines his figures with sharp contours and robust blacks, the black lines become real exoskeletons of thoughts, they support the characters. They are funny and iridescent scaffolding.
He strongly believes in unusual colors combinations and he uses glittering colors that make the audience more receptive to their own interpretation of his characters.
From some years, he has also approached the world of sculpture with remarkable results. He collaborates with leading fashion companies, accessories, design and decor.
All this, is made in his one and only true "eternal" city ... Montecatini Terme.
These little and nice characters can be found on our , or visit us at our showroom in
Via Pordoi, 8 in Baranzate.



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