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Alain Marzat, fashion-lover designer
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From fashion art direction to design: Alain Marzat, from France, is an out-and-out polyhedric talent. The self-taught designer, inspired by Bauhaus school, works on two different design paths: the first one is dedicated to custom-made modernist luxury furniture, the second one to contemporary pieces made of specific materials such as aluminum and Corian.

Delaunay bookcase, inspired by Robert Delaunay’s paintings, presents a birch structure painted on the outside, geometrical forms and removable varnished sections. Gunshelf bookcase, available in both birch and beechwood, is inspired by war, therefore gun-shaped: it belongs to Army For Peace collection, with a red painted interior reminding of blood color. An unconventional decor to bring colors, forms and new materials to any space.


Photo Courtesy of Alain Marzat

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