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A sofa for two: dog house sofa
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If you fear that having a dog or a cat will ruin your furniture stop worrying: the solution is called Dog House sofa, by Seungji Mun for M.pup. The couch belongs to a project aimed at creating ‘emotional furniture’ allowing man and pets to live together. The sofa’s layout is made up of solid ash wood with two canvas cushions as seat. Despite the regular appearance, there’s something more: inside the only arm there is a cozy dog house with a natural washable fabric cladding.

Beside cuddling you pet, you will also be able to relax by putting on the sofa arm a magazine or a glasso f wine. For cat lovers Seungji Mun created Cat Tunnel Sofa, a couch designed to be shared with a cat. This second project presents a less linear outline to suit the different character of cats. The seatback i san out-and-out tunnel winding from the floor to the arm itself: cats can play inside or come out behind their owner’s back.
Seungji Mun’s is another successful example of the latest trend involving designers and architects in a deep search to make living with a pet more pleasant.


PHOTO: courtesy Seungji Mun

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