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A revolutionary coffee shop by Architecture
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It’s a coffee shop, yet it looks like a garden. The project involved a 300 square meters open space in Athens, which has been decorated by using old style furniture as well as industrial details, to create the feel o fan outdoor space.

The interior features unusual yet efficient expedients such as walls covered in plants which are perfectly lighted through the panel system on the roof which allows sunrays to softly reach the leaves.

The decoration features many different pieces of furniture such as black tables, leather sofas, transparent chairs and wood details, in a pleasant combination between natural materials and metals. The originality of the interior design is further explained by the employment of colorful wall panels, one-piece chairs and a Gianni Aspras’s sculpture which adds an industrial feel to the space.

A former hangar-like building turned into a warm winter garden: quite a bold experiment for such an historical city!

Photo Courtesy Architecture Studio

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