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A no limits house Hctor Ruiz-Velzquez
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Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez is the mind behind this revolutionary project located in the heart of Madrid, which turned upside down the standard concepts of both regular and open space apartments. Instead, the architect’s project offers a new idea of domestic space, based on usability criteria.

Ceramic House, commissioned by ASCER (Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers’ Association), used to be a regular apartment and now looks like what the architect calls an Unlimited Space, which consists in a multi level space where you can freely move upwards and downwards with great results in terms of usability.

Multifunctional corners, steps scattered all over the place, nothing is expectable in this all-white space made out of ceramic, the material that takes over the entire interior.

A white space with just a few wood furniture pieces interrupting the immaculate whiteness for just one moment.


PHOTO: Courtesy of Pedro Martinez (

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