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8 great reasons why you can't go wrong with a white gloss kitchen
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Kitchen trends come and go but there’s one popular style that’s not going anywhere. White gloss kitchens have been a perennial favourite for many years now. The epitome of contemporary kitchen design, they just keep on giving.
In terms of kitchen design, white gloss kitchens are a joy to work with. Acting as the quintessential blank canvas, white gloss cabinets can be incorporated into a wealth of different kitchen schemes, from all-white sleek, minimalist kitchen spaces to fun, contemporary schemes that mix colours and texture, and even traditional kitchens.
Whatever style, design and layout you choose for your home, a white gloss kitchen is a great long-term investment that will keep your kitchen looking fresh for many years to come. Here are 8 reasons why it makes complete sense to go white gloss.

1- An oasis of calm (Image source: )
Minimalist living is a thing. Whether it’s to counterbalance our hectic lifestyles, create a break from visual overload or just to introduce some much needed calm into our homes, contemporary all-white kitchen spaces provide a haven in which to relax and recharge.

2- A canvas for colour (Image source: )

If too much white is not your thing, there’s nothing to say you can’t add a splash of colour and bring the room alive. Team white gloss kitchen units with, say, vibrant purple or orange to create interesting contrasts and bring out the fun element in your kitchen.

3- Mix and match materials (Image source: )
Sleek, high gloss cabinets are perfect for matching with virtually any other finish you can think of, creating an intriguing juxtaposition of texture and light. White gloss can look spectacular against rustic woodwork, slate flooring bare brick walls or stainless steel, or combined with veined marble or granite islands or worktops for a timeless pairing.

4- Showcasing eye catching features (Image source: )
Whether you have fabulous modern artwork you want to put centre stage, a stunning architectural feature or special object – such as the  – you wish to feature, a white gloss kitchen is the perfect backdrop for your showstopper.

5- Mixing old and new (Image source: Pinterest)
Who says a gloss kitchen has to be contemporary? Mix modern and traditional features and accessories – exposed wooden beams, natural stone flooring, ceramic sink, stainless steel cupboard handles etc – in a country interiors setting, and create an eclectic aesthetic that’s all yours.

6- Frame the garden (Image source: )
Use your white gloss kitchen as the ultimate frame to show off your outdoor space. Why not add bi-fold doors to make access to the patio and garden as easy as possible? Nothing makes the garden look lusher and more beautiful than a crisp white glossy frame.

7- Light and space (Image source: )
Make the most of your space with a handleless, minimalist white gloss kitchen. Fit sleek full length units that provide plenty of hidden storage to keep all your clutter out of sight, while the reflective surface of your kitchen cabinets will bounce the light around the room, making it look airy and bright.

8- A practical solution (Image source: UForm)
White gloss kitchens are about more than just style, they’re practical to live with too. A quick wipe with an e-cloth is all it takes to keep on top of dust and spillages – no lengthy scrubbing required. White gloss finishes are extremely durable and versatile, so whatever kitchen style makeover you may be planning in the future, there’s no problem incorporating your existing kitchen units – they’ll always look fabulous in any setting.

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