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6 Chic hotel bathroom design ideas for your bathroom remodel
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Chic hotels are great places for bathroom design inspiration. Luxe hotels are adorned with fine finishes, exquisite fittings and beautiful décor, so they are perfect places for picking up ideas for your home bathroom remodel. Next time you are booking into a stylish hotel pay attention to the detail. Interior design inspiration is a great excuse for a weekend getaway.
If you are going to the trouble of remodelling your bathroom, balance your practical needs with elegant touches to bring your home a bathroom that makes you feel like you are in a hotel every single day. Ideally, enlist the help of a good bathroom designer, such as , to bring a touch of glamour and excitement to your home.

Here are some swanky hotel bathroom ideas you may wish to take a peek at for inspiration:
1. A touch of Morocco
Bathrooms are all about the tiles, so why not bring an air of the exotic into your family bathroom with some beautiful patterned tiles. For absolute inspiration, take a look at a real lavish hotel in the heart of Marrakech. Check out where tiles throughout the hotel will give you all the inspiration you need to bring a bit of Morocco into your home. When your feet are planted firmly back in the UK, Fired Earth have a fabulous range of to bring some real atmosphere into any bathroom space.

2. A freestanding bath with a view
Some of the most amazing hotel bathrooms throughout the world have one feature in common, and that is a freestanding bath with a spectacular view. If you have the capacity for window space that isn’t overlooked, design your bathroom around a tub with a view. If you feel the need to be transported across the world every time you step into your bathroom, take inspiration from on a private island near Vietnam’s Nha Trang. Set on the water’s edge, the villa’s bathroom with wood décor and a handcrafted wooden bathtub, offers sublime views from a quirky, yet simply designed space.

3. Marble clad opulence
Some of the finest hotels in the world clad their opulent bathrooms with elegant marble tiles. The in Austria offers some of the most elegant hotel suites in the world with bathrooms clad in a mixture of white and dark marble. The exquisite interiors are inspiration indeed for anyone looking to recreate an air of opulence and sophistication at home.
If you want to take it to the next level, check out the hotel in Dubai. The sumptuous royal suite bathroom at the Burj Al Arab is a decadent mix of gold, red and yellow with marble to match! For something a little less extravagant, London’s Empire Suite features understated marble with a modern and sleek, deep marble bath.

4. The art of reflection
Using mirrors and mirrored furnishings is a great way to reflect light in the bathroom and can make a smaller sized bathroom feel more spacious. Art Deco style mirrored furniture certainly has an air of refinement about it. The Royal Monceau suite at hotel is equipped with a beautiful, mirrored bathroom in a contemporary French design. It’s a design idea you may want to steal if you are determined to make your bathroom stand out from the crowd.

5. A shower to wow
If you love showers then this absolutely has to be a feature in your bathroom makeover. Crystal chandelier showerheads at the in Miami are wow-factor enough, but then add in a creative backdrop of deep blue and white mosaic tiles depicting blue skies and fluffy white clouds and the whole scene is set for a shower to be had in style.

6. A zen-like place to pamper
Take inspiration from any number of hotels with spa-style bathrooms to create a bathroom at home with design features to make you feel pampered. Rainfall showers, steam showers and Jacuzzi-style baths are great additions to the home. But if you really want to create a bathroom with a zen-like relaxing quality to it, you’ll need to go the extra mile. The , Big Sur, California is rich in colour, understated and features a large soaking bath. It doesn’t get more zen-like than that.

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