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101,86 : an ever-going colorful day
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A design lamp, a clock, a fascinating hypnotic piece that makes the passage of time simply beautiful. It's hard to define 101,86 ˚ | color of the day with one word: the project by Laura Lynn Jansen and Thomas Vailly is the result of a refined varied stratification in terms of concept, research and technique that is as layered as the lamp itself. Round shaped and based on a rotational motion, this design LED lamp measures the time of the day by continuously changing the colors and forms on its front.

As time passes by, new hues and geometric forms appear and move, creating unique compositions that recall abstract paintings. Art and design are not the sole cores of the project, based on the layering of many natural materials, such as crystals and minerals, that come to new life thanks to the play of light. The final result is a refined minimalism that merges the most natural elements with the most contemporary methods. A perfect combination between nature and modernity, “from mineral to minimal”. An innovative way to keep track of the time of the day that recalls the ancient times when the first clocks and calendars were based on a light source too: the sun.


PHOTO COUTERSY: Thomas Vailly Studio

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