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Rudy van der Velde is a dutch artist who has been working for over 40 years as creative director, art director and professional journalist in the field of European advertising and publishing. Since the mid-1990s he devoted himself with his creatures "New Kitsch", original elaborations born from the exclusive use of objects belonging to the present. A strange form of collecting everything that the market produces and regurgitates in a very short time and that the artist collects and transforms into another.
From his passion was born this irreverent and provocative collection titled "CRICETI #Nutrirsidarte" dedicated to the most important critics, curators and Italian historians: from Dorfles to Sgarbi, from Bonito Oliva to Daverio, from Beatrice to Crespi.

CRICETI makes fun the critics' world: how small rodents are used to store in their cheeks as much food as possible, likewise critics "feed" of all kinds of art.
Not only that, it is also a small form of jealousy, because critics can describe with few words a work of art and the meaning behind it, which Rudy fails in any way. He creates, with a great spirit of freedom and irony, always adding a touch of provocation. Behind his creations there is no guideline, a method, his modus operandi is extremely spontaneous and instinctive. It starts with an element, sometimes insignificant, and then begins to add pieces, giving shape and meaning to his creation. Creation that in reality is never really over, but remains there to be observed and contemplated.
After the great success achieved during the inauguration of "CRICETI #Nutrirsidarte" at MAC space thanks to Fondazione Maimeri in collaboration with Francesco Tursini, the works are now exhibited at our showroom in via Pordoi, 8 in Baranzate. You just have to come and admire his latest collection of Kitsch pieces, after this, his art will take on a more minimalist bend, with elements and references to the world of nature, from the colors just mentioned or totally absent.

A small hint: look carefully and do not miss a "special sign" that lies in every piece of his artworks



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