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#CASADIVALENTINA: when a house depicts its owner
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Today’s project is not a design renovation, it is an interior-relooking, meaning a change in terms of look, with no massive structural modifications. The project involved a 63 sm apartment in Ladispoli, which is now the ultimate place for subtle hues and femininity thanks to the project by Maurizio Giovannoni, based on a pleasant combination between contemporary design items, vintage and low cost pieces. Together with Valentina, the owner, the architect planned any intervention - from getting rid
of an old archway to choosing the style of each room. The corridor/entrance and the dining room feature a Scandinavian look and a two-colored palette made out of mint and mustard. Many elements make the space unique, dreamlike and fairy-tale: Arlequin wallpaper by Ferm Living; ph5 vintage lamp by Louis Poulsen; and the junglalow corner, with different
plants and vases scattered over an old trunk.

The combination of such elements create an interior design that tells the story of this young copywriter and her passion for writing, as proved by the iconic Olivetti typewriter, the pen held by the cased Hay hand, and the typography and quote posters. The bedroom features a DIY style, with a pallet bed built by Valentina, and a headboard that features frames, photos and a one-off handmade iron sculpture. Paper butterflies bring hints of color, pleasantly contrasting the grey of the wall and the neutral hue of the shelves. Further enhancing the cozyness of the place is the simple 4 letter word that takes over the space: HOME.


Photo courtesy: Stefano Corso & Francesca Maiolino

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